About Us

BookedPro is a multifaceted company specializing in many areas of the music industry including concert promotion, artist management, venue management, social media and more.

BookedPro was started in 2010 by Andrew Maffettone, a musician himself, he learned the struggles of being in an up and coming band. Wanting to ease the process, he taught himself the business side of music and started BookedPro. It all began with a few concerts a month with local musicians and slowly grew into what it is today. BookedPro has put on concerts all over Central Florida with local, regional, and national acts in small, medium, and large scale venues and has averaged over 150 events per year since 2012 and even a few large scale festivals. After working with a few artists numerous times BookedPro opened it’s management department and began helping artists grow their careers as well. BookedPro is currently the Talent Buyer/In-House Promoter for Bombshell’s Tavern in Orlando, FL, the acting management company for multiple artists and running their LE Department in many bars and restaurants throughout Central Florida.

Concert Promotion

BookedPro started as a concert promotion company and strives to perfect this department every year. We are a partner with and make sure all of our events are promoted to their fullest extent. Although we are currently in-house at Bombshell’s Tavern in Orlando, FL we often do concerts in the Tampa, FL area as well. BookedPro works with musicians of all genres and all sizes as well as venues of all sizes. Venue sizes include small coffee shops with less than 100 capacity all the way to large scale venues with over 1,000 capacity. We have experience with many of the top booking agency companies including, Agency Group, TKO Booking, Windish Agency, Artery Global, Another Wonder Entertainment, Fata Booking, Rock The Nation USA, and more.

Artist Management

After working with many artists numerous times BookedPro began to notice the growth potential of some artists. After being approached by these artists for management the department opened. We have helped many artists grow their careers to help them reach their musical goals. Some artists have been participants of America’s Got Talent, The Voice, and X Factor, some have played large festivals and gone on large tours to help benefit their careers. We do everything we can to help build their fan base and gain any publicity possible. Although we do not take submissions for our management department we are always looking to add to our roster. For questions about our Artist Management Department you can email us here.

LE Department

Our LE (Live Entertainment) Department is very popular here at BookedPro. In this department we help bars and restaurants book musicians to perform live entertainment for their guests. We work with all genres of artists and all types of venues with all types of budgets. We essentially act as a Talent Buyer/Promoter for bars and restaurants because we will book the artists for them and even help promote their performance so that they can gain more guests attending their establishment. Everyone’s favorite part of this department, it is 100% free to the venues. We do not charge for this service. All they do is set their budget and pay the artists just like they normally would. For questions about our LE Department you can email us here.

Booking Agency

Although we do not often act as a booking agency we have taken some of the artists we manage and placed them on a tour. We have developed relationships with many venues in the southeast of the United States allowing us to put our artists on tour to help build on their regional fan base. We specialize in doing heavily promoted tours including setting up radio interviews, flyer distribution, targeted advertising, press releases and much more to make sure the attendance at all events is at its best.

Social Media/Advertising

When a majority of every department of your business is based off promotion and advertising you tend to become very good at it. BookedPro has been contracted by many musicians, venues, music companies and even non-music companies to help control their social media. We can help target a key demographic to make sure all advertising money is being used to it’s fullest potential and make all social media sites as organized as possible to help develop the brand. Utilizing our Photoshop skills we can create all types of advertising and flyers to keep the customers interested in your brand and your product. Although we typically work with the main three social media websites (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) we have done work with YouTube, Tumblr and more. We also can help develop the correct SEO for websites to gain more traffic and adjust a website to make it as easy for the user as possible.



5961 Westgate Drive #2012
Orlando, FL 32835

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