Ben Dukes

Walkin’ Thru Hell

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Album reviewed by: Andrew Maffettone (Founder/CEO)

Ben Dukes is a country artist from California and his album “Walkin’ Thru Hell” is ironic. Why? Because each song is like walkin’ thru heaven. (Yes, I did just say that.) He is doing everything he can to put his music on the map and he may have struck gold with this record.
The album opens up with the single “Old Fixer Upper”, and this song is nothing short of a southern anthem. It’s catchy, lyrically entertaining, and the musicians are fantastic, this is an all around great song. Following right behind is “The Lord Knew Me First”, contrary to what you may believe from the title of this song, it is hilarious. I highly suggest listening to this song because it’s comical but still a fun listen that makes you want to sing along with Ben. “My Old Man” is a slower track with a great string section complimenting throughout the entire song. I would have to say, lyrically, this is the best song on the album, it is incredibly written. Then you come across “Down in Flames”, this adds a nice little blues kick to this country album. It’s up beat and a great listen, definitely has a bit of a party-country vibe to it. “Whiskey and Women” is a great track, well-written, meaningful and emotional, yet entertaining. It is a very stereotypical country drinking song, you can tell Ben is trying to put his mark in that territory. “Walikin’ Thru Hell” is the album title track and for good reason. Usually a title track is your main song on an album and this song calls out to many cities bringing everyone into this album, a great marketing idea, and a great song. For a title track it is not as upbeat as I would like, but that’s just a preference. Bringing the album down a little is “Donations”, this track is one of those songs all musicians should listen to. It’s structure is fantastic and the message behind it is great. Nearing the end of the album is another slower track called “The Fire”. This song keeps the feeling down but just enough to keep it catchy and entertaining. In this particular track I believe you can actually hear the emotion behind Ben’s vocals. Ending the album is “Wilson and Ben”, this was a great way to end an album. It’s got a quirky sound, it’s a little comical, upbeat, catchy, and it does it’s job, it makes you want to start the album over again.
Overall this was a fantastic album, at a few points I wish Ben Dukes had shown off his vocal abilities more than he did but that would be the only thing I noticed. For a first album this is amazing, the production value, the structure of all of the tracks, nothing is short of professionally done. I highly suggest checking out Ben Dukes and getting some of his music, he is sure to do big things and definitely be a country icon.

Preview my favorite song on the album, “Miss Bobbi Jones” below.

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Sample of Walkin’ Thru Hell

Miss Bobbi Jones