Clear Stone

Supposed To Be

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Album reviewed by: Andrew Maffettone (Founder/CEO)

Clear Stone is a classic rock band from Hamilton, Ontario in Canada and they are bringing their own Canadian kick to that great classic rock sound. Each song brings back that great feel of old school rock, a genre that refuses to die out. This is their first full-length album release and they did a great job at it.
“Supposed To Be” opens with a great guitar riff and drum beat in their first track, “Constance”. This track preps you for the great ride you are up for with this album. The melody of this song make it out to be one of the catchiest songs and most marketable on this album. Coming right behind is “Love Takes Time”, this track proves to be slightly slower with more powerful lyrics and instrumentation. There is a heavy sense of classic blues rock in this song while still couple with the great catchy melodies. “Painting Pictures” stands out of the crowd a little on this album by having a slightly more ambient vibe to it. The drums in this song stand out most, it truly shows how talented their drummer is. Moving along to “I Found A Place” is one of the more upbeat heavier tracks. With a grungy guitar sound and strong drum beats, this song is one of the most lyrically powerful songs I have heard in a long time. This was a close second to become my favorite song on this album. The title track “Supposed To Be” has some extremely impressive percussion in it, the bongo player goes crazy and it is awesome. That amazing classic rock sound really comes out in this song, it is very similar to what rock used to be. “I Know You Know” is one of the shorter tracks on this album but it gets it’s point across. The vocalist hits some impressive notes in this track and his melodies keep the song upbeat and having you bobbing your head the whole time. Of course, nearing the end of an album we get the slower tracks, “Losing You” is no exception. Bringing it down a notch, this is one of their more emotional tracks but still keeps that great rock feel. Finally, the album closes with “Time” a slow song that brings down the feel of the album. Lyrically this is definitely their saddest song on the album, but they still end on a good note.
Overall, this is a very good album and it does a great job a bringing back the vibe of great classic rock tunes we all know and love. If you miss all of the amazing rock bands from way back when then don’t worry because there are still bands like this keeping the genre strong. The production value of this album is amazing as well, especially for such a new artist. I would recommend this album to anyone who is a fan of rock and any similar genre to it.

Preview my favorite song on the album, “She Says” below.

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Sample of Supposed To Be

She Says