Zap Dragon & The Attack

Pain Waves

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Album reviewed by: Andrew Maffettone (Founder/CEO)

Zap Dragon & The Attack are definitely not your average band. This punk-rock band brings back the classic sound of punk that we all missed. The album opens up with “Sicko”, a song that really jams pretty simply but it is coupled by harsh lyrics. The guitar riffs and drum beats mash up in each song to develop a great punk vibe while at the same time keeping it main stream enough to be very catchy. Leading into the middle of the album is “Trifles In Disguise” which sounds just like your typical punk song that starts off vaguely slow and picks up into the chorus. Like many songs in this album you can almost tell the intense emotion behind lead singer, David Zimlinghaus, and how he vocalizes this lyrics.
One of my favorite songs on the album is “Call It What You Want” because of the syncopation of the instruments. Listening to this track gives you the ability to tell that theses are some seriously talented musicians. Even in “Little Reminders”, the opening drum beat and the smooth rhythm guitar and grooving bass throughout the song can emphasize the talent of these musicians.
“Pain Waves” was recorded by Goldentone Studios and they did an amazing job. The vocals, even though punk and grungy, are still clean enough to understand the lyrics. You can really feel the bass and the guitar riffs and drum beats come in very clean. Overall this is a great punk album and it’s always nice to hear this genre is still alive and kicking. If you’re into underground punk this is definitely an album to own.

Preview my favorite song on the album, “Popcorn Ceiling” below.

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Sample of Pain Waves

Popcorn Ceiling