Coming In Clear- E.P.

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Album reviewed by: Andrew Maffettone (Founder/CEO)

This is E.P. is a great starter for Norway band, MOTORFINGER. It hits hard and leaves you wanting more, which is exactly what an E.P. is supposed to do.
The album starts off with an upbeat deep guitar riff and drums in “Arms of the Sun”. This song immediately shows you that this band knows what they’re doing and they are here to rock. Lyrics are catchy and meaningful, something every marketable rock band must have. Then you have “My Secrets”, which brings it down a little bit slower in the beginning. This song has a big arena rock feel to it, you can almost picture it being sung to a very large crowd. The E.P. ends on a good note with “Never Mine”, although this is only a four track album they definitely do it justice. The heavy drum beats and intense drum riffs and bass lines coupled by some great rock vocals makes this an amazing song.
This is a great album for MOTORFINGER to start off with. I am very intrigued to hear their next album and see how they’ve grown. The production value is great, especially for a band at this level. The whole album is very good, a few times the vocalist hit a couple notes that he pulled off but still sounded like he struggled just a little bit but nothing major. I highly recommend this album if you’re into good old fashioned rock music.

Preview my favorite song on the album, “Double Rainbow” below.

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Sample of Coming In Clear- E.P.

Double Rainbow