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Being Myself- E.P.

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Album reviewed by: Andrew Maffettone (Founder/CEO)

“Being Myself” is the debut E.P. from tHe soHam, and he is bringing a great acoustic sound that many will enjoy. The album opens with “Imagination & Reality” which has some full band instrumental parts far in the track just meant to accompany the acoustic guitar. The entire E.P. has very deep lyrics you can tell were written from the heart and were probably experienced first hand. The guitar comes out nice and clean and in a few songs the instrumentals come out well but could be a little bit louder in the mix. The vocals come out very loud and seem to overpower a little more than they should. “Tears of Pain” is written very well, the lyrics are meaningful and emotional. the melodies throughout the entire album are good, in some songs they can get a little repetitive but not too bad. The album closes with an opening riff of banjo in “Friend Like You”, a nice uplifting song that makes you want to just hang out with an old friend. This is a great first album for tHe soHam and we definitely expect more good music from him. I suggest checking this album out and listening to this up and coming artist.

Preview my favorite song on the album, “I Miss You (The Naughty Funny Song)” below.

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Sample of Being Myself- E.P.

I Miss You (The Naught Funny Song)