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Anti-Complacency League- E.P.

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Album reviewed by: Andrew Maffettone (Founder/CEO)

Either I’ve been in a good mood latley or I have gotten some of the best albums I’ve gotten in a very long time, another 5 star rating for The Pinz. This band is from Jacksonville, FL and yet they give off this vibe of amazing British punk, which must be pretty obvious considering their album artwork. The Pinz do an amazing job at keeping every single track on this album catchy and fun to dance along to. Each song would get stuck in my head until the next song came along and then that one would get stuck in my head, it was never ending cycle. They bring back the classic punk-rock sound that everyone loved and had seemed to die out. The beginning guitar riff of “Teenage Stereotype” just makes you excited to hear the song in it’s entirety. Then there is “Most Of All”, this song brings back the memory of what punk-rock should be about, head banging and dancing and just enjoying the song. Oh! And a cover song? Of course, and it’s definitely a great version of Operation Ivy’s “Knowledge”, it does the song justice.

The production value on this album is very well done also, they definitely had money well spent. Then again obviously it’s going to sound good when David Kalish and Grammy Award-winning producer Chris Testa helped produce it. Each instrument is clear and you can hear every guitar riff, drum beat, and bass line, none of which get in the way of the vocals. The Pinz are sure to do something great with this E.P.. My suggestion, hop on the “Anti-Complacency League, baby” because you’ll be hearing more.

Preview my favorite song on the album, “Anti-Complacency League” below.

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Sample of Anti-Complacency League- E.P.

Anti-Complacency League